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Mainshot The Sky Above Zenica.png

Expected release: TBA 2022 (Denmark)

Genre: Documentary feature

Directed by: Nanna Frank Møller and Zlatko Pranjic

Production Company: Magic Hour Films, Denmark in co-production with JunaFilm, Germany, and in cooperation with Udruženje Centar Za Savremenu Umjetnost Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Production Country: Denmark, Germany, and Bosnia-Herzegovina

In Zenica, a giant steel factory belches toxic gasses into the air day and night, and people are dying. Samir Lemes and Eko Forum fight an uneven fight for change against the reckless corporation, the local politicians who focus on jobs, investments, and re-elections, and the EU who co-funds it all without enforcing laws and international standards. Do the citizens stand a chance against these mighty powers?

‘The Sky Above Zenica’ with its real life-and-death urgency is a classic David versus Goliath story where the citizens of a fledling democracy, fight for their most basic rights. While they are up against a giant, intricate cocktail of political opportunism, international financial powers, and corporate greed and cynicism, it seems that the power of change does in fact belong to the citizens even if painstakingly slow.


Through the gripping and simple to grasp injustice that unfolds before our eyes, this film aims to explore the underlying mechanisms that prevent us as democratic societies from correcting obvious wrongs and environmental madness - even if we have identified them as such. Thereby, ‘The Sky Above Zenica’ becomes a much bigger story, relevant to one of the most pressing issues of our time.

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