Expected release: TBA 2021 (Denmark)

Genre: Documentary feature

Directed by: Nanna Frank Møller and Zlatko Pranjic

Production Company: Magic Hour Films

Production Country: Denmark

'The Sky above Zenica' is a personal story of a Bosnian town, seen through the eyes of
the director-duo: Bosnian journalist Zlatko Pranjic and his girlfriend, Nanna Frank. For the first time since the Balkan war, Zlatko leaves his exile in London and returns to his flat in Zenica to reconcile with the ghosts of his past. Settling in his old town he is confronted with a terrifying reality much different from the principles of freedom and democracy he once fought for. 


Zlatko's town Zenica is a working-class town with a gigantic steel factory in the centre. Once a pride of the socialist society, which fed the town and kept 25.000 people employed, this industrial giant has turned into a death trap for the inhabitants.
Lung cancer, diabetes, and leukemia are spreading like wildfire. None of the governing parties are interested to find out what causes the massive outbreaks of illness, but the citizens of Zenica are suspiciously looking towards the factory chimneys – now owned by the world’s third richest mogul, Arcellor Mittal.


After more than two decades of nationalist rule, the country is among Europe’s poorest. The regime clings to power and private prosperity and prefer to address the problem of street dogs instead of pollution. But more and more people will not take it any longer – e.g. Alma And Edita, two Muslim women. Despite their own struggle with illness, they fight to get Zenica's story out. And a new political coalition is forming behind closed doors…


Through a personal story the film wants to examine the relationship between the democratic institutions, the citizens and the corporate powers of the so-called global
free market. What happens to a transitional society, that puts its faith in the democratic processes? What happens to democracy that becomes hostage to corporate greed?

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