All people have something which nobody else has. We are all special, and we are all part of a unified whole. The source of all great philosophical questions originates from the landscape of childhood with the first wonder, and we can speak with children about everything if we choose the right words and vocal pitch. And we should do so.

When we speak with the children about philosophical subjects, we help them cope with the challenges of life in a better way.


Release: 1994 (Denmark)

Duration: 28 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Spoken language: Danish


Director: Lennart Pasborg

Screenplay: Lennart Pasborg

Cinematography: Jan Weincke

Editor: Ghita Beckendorff
Sound Design: Henrik Langkilde

Producer: Lise Lense-Møller

Production Country: Denmark

Production Company: Magic Hour Films (then Lise Lense-Møller Film)

Coproducer: The Danish Film Institute, DR - B&U, Rigshospitalets AV-Afdeling and SFC.


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