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Scrawny, akward, unlucky Tifanfaya is given a queer start to her life as an orphan.

Uncle Brutus and Aunt Mathilde agree to look after her, but for devious reasons: Tifanfaya lives in a castle which Aunt Mathilde would like for her very own. But clumsy Tifanfaya becomes Queen of the Mountain Bandits, and with her gang of guerillas she rebels against her wicked stepmother, and wins back her castle and its possessions.


Release: 1998 (Denmark)

Duration: 40 minutes

Genre: Fiction Short, Children's film

Spoken language: Danish


Director: Annette K. Olesen

Screenplay: Nikolaj Scherfig

Cinematography: Bøje Lomholdt

Editor: Mette Zeruneith
Sound Design: Nino Jacobsen, Jenni Glasdam

Composers: Susi Hyldgaard and Halfdan E. Nielsen

Producer: Henrik Veileborg

Production Country: Denmark

Production Company: Magic Hour Films

Coproducer: Dansk Novellefilm

Produced with support from: The Danish Film Institute, TV2/Danmark 

and Nordic Film & TV Fond.


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