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Exploring the world of physics and the beginning of the Universe through the eyes of the Standard Model. This takes us to phenomenoms like wormholes and baby universes and way back to the first second of Big Bang. The key focus is on the High Energy Physician Holger Bech Nielsen, known for his theories on the Super Strings. He tells about his dream, his hunt for the united theory which binds together all known great physical laws, the so-called Theory of Everything.


Release: 1998 (Denmark)

Duration: 45 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Spoken language: Danish


Director: Lars Becker-Larsen

Cinematography: Dan Säll

Editor: Jens Bidstrup
Sound Design: Iben Haahr Andersen

Music: Anders Koppel

Producer: Henrik Veileborg

Production Country: Denmark

Production Company: Magic Hour Films

Coproducer: The Danish Film Institute, DR and The Danish Ministry of Education

Produced with support from: The Danish Film Institute, The Danish Filmworkshop, Forvaltningen af den Kollektive Tredjedel af Båndkopimidlerne, Ib Henriksens Fond, Ophavsretsfondens Midler fra Blankbåndsvederlaget and The Danish Ministry of Education

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