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In the middle of Bredgades heavy traffic lies a small bookstore with an air of timelessness about it. Here Sven Damsholt takes care of his private oasis for searching souls.

Despite his 95 years, he still goes to the store every day and he still translates spiritual and religious writings. Sven's own spiritual quest has been passionate. His curiosity has sometimes led him far and wide, which has threatened to destroy his marriage to swedish Martha and the family life with their six children. Sven wants to come to terms with his life choices - unpretentious and free of dogma - and he talks about the insights a long life lived among the wisdom of books has brought him.


Release: 2012 (Denmark)

Duration: 58 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Spoken language: Danish


Director: Marie Louise Lefèvre

Screenplay: Marie Louise Lefèvre

Cinematography: Simon Plum

Editor: Estephan Wagner

Sound Design: Niels Arild

Composer: Mads Heldtberg

Producers: Cecilia Valsted, Mikael Windelin and Lise Lense-Møller

Production Country: Denmark

Production Companies: Magic Hour Films and Minerva Film 

Produced with support from: The Danish Film Institute, Veluxfonden and Gaia Trust.




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