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Major European coproduction input assured this Danish World War 2 resistance movement romance/drama of the scope and sweep required to turn Tage Skou-Hansen's 1957 neo-classic novel into a feature film. The story embraces a thriller component of underground action against the Germans with tender, subtle stories of love, gone right, gone wrong, among the freedom fighters and the women close to them.


Release: 1991 (Denmark)

Duration: 104 minutes

Genre: Fiction, Drama

Spoken language: Danish, German and English


Based on Tage Skou-Hansen's book

Director: Morten Henriksen

Screenplay: Morten Henriksen

Cinematography: Dirk Brüel

Editors: Ghita Beckendorff and Merete Brusendorff
Sound Design: Erik Ryr, Pål Gengenbach, Gisle Tveito, Håkon Lammetun
and Aleksander Golobiowski

Composer: Marc Marder

Producers: Lise Lense-Møller and Ryszard Straszewski

Production Countries: Denmark, Norway, France, United Kingdom and Poland

Production Company: Magic Hour Films (then Lise Lense-Møller Film)

Coproducers: ESICMA, FilmEffekt, Hemdale FIlmcorporation, Norwegian Film, Studio Tor

Produced with support from: The Danish Film Institute, DR, Warner/Chappell Music Denmark, Eurimages, Nordic Film & TV Fund, Unibank and Århus Municipality.


The fIlm won in the category Best Actor Award at the 1992 Bodil Awards and at the 1992 Robert Festival.


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