In this way starts the wonderful fairytale where the little pussycat meets many small obstacles, helps the five cats with the green eyes even if they do not like a friend with blue eyes at the beginning, and at last finds the Promised Land and acceptance from the other cats: 'Thank you for the mice. We have found out that you are a cat like us, who can be hungry and funny, thin and thick, and find fields with mice, even if your eyes are blue.'


Release: 1995 (Denmark)

Duration: 11 minutes

Genre: Fiction short, Animation, Children's films


Based on Egon Mathiesen's book by the same name

Directors: Peter Hausner and  Søren Tomas

Cinematography: Jan-Erik Sandberg

Animation Artwork: Peter Hausner, Søren Tomas, Trine Laier, Asta Sigurdardóttir and Yukiku Sakuhara
Sound Design: Henrik Langkilde and Hans Nielsen

Composer: Pierre Dørge

Producers: Lise Lense-Møller and Henrik Veileborg

Production Country: Denmark

Production Company: Magic Hour Films

Coproducers: The Danish Film Institute and DR - B&U