A Danish singer, a Norwegian film director and their children are growing desperate about the world the grown-ups are handing on to future generations. The global climate crisis concerns the adults of the family and they agree they will never be able to face their children and claim that they took no action because they didn’t know what was happening. 


They come to a dramatic decision: they will leave their comfy home in Norway and move to an ideal society, a “permatopian” eco-village, a modern, real-life Utopia under construction in Denmark, where they will be able to live in accordance with their convictions. They want a revolution that will begin with their own family. They want to live according to values that are good for the individual, for the family, for society, for the planet. But what are these values, and can they agree on them? 


Breaking from Norway and the ensuing journey turn out to have huge consequences, and each member of the family has to reconsider his or her own fundamental values. Their enti