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Jan Troell and Georg Oddner are both famous image makers, and also old friends. 

In this documentary Troell captures Oddner during 50 years from childhood summers in Estonia and Russia, the young man´s years as jazz drummer and apprentice in the studio of legendary photographer Richard Avedon in New York, following Oddner´s very varied career in photography culminating with another trip to Estonia, Russia and New York in the present. 'Only the moment lives. and the moment is eternity.'


Release: 2003 (Denmark)

Duration: 82 minutes

Genre: Documentary feature

Spoken language: Swedish


Director: Jan Troell

Cinematography: Jan Troell

Editors: Jan Troell and Olle Tannergård

Sound Design: Olle Tannergård and Nalle Hansen

Composer: Sanna Salmenkallio

Producer: Göran Gunér

Production Countries: Sweden and Denmark

Production Company: Athena Film

Coproducers: Magic Hour Films, Film i Dalarna, Film i Skåne and SVT

Produced with support from: The Danish Film Institute, DR, FST, Nordic TV Collaboration Fund, NordiC Film & TV Fund, NRK, RUV, The Swedish Film Institute and YLE.

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