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How can peace in the Middle East prevail, if it cannot in a family? More than 25 years have gone by since Yulie’s brother turned into an ultra orthodox Jew and lost contact with his family. Yulie documents how she approaches her brother after her recent divorce. 

This story is a persistent journey towards her family and towards an understanding of why people fall in love with religion. Following 'My Terrorist' and 'My Land Zion', 'My Brother' is the last in Cohen Gerstel’s trilogy, where Yulie tries to reunite her Israeli family, reflecting her personal story, yet again, on the collective.


Release: 2007 (Denmark)

Duration: 57 minutes

Genre: Documentary short

Spoken language: Hebrew and English


Director: Yulie Cohen Gerstel

Screenplay: Yulie Cohen Gerstel

Cinematography: Oded Kirma

Editor: Boaz Lion

Sound Design: Eli Bain, Ravid Dvir, Rasmus Winther Jensen, Jacob Heldt and Haim Meir

Composer: Nadav Vickinsky

Producers: Yulie Cohen Gerstel, Esther van Messel and Lise Lense-Møller 

Production Country: Israel

Production Company: Cohen Gerstel Productions

Coproducers: Magic Hour Films and First Hand Films

Produced with support from: BBC4 Storyville, Channel 2, The Danish Film Institute, 
Tel-Aviv Foundation for the Arts, and TV2/Denmark.



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