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The real-life story of Steven, a former child soldier from Uganda, who after a terrible sequence of events - including imprisonment, torture, escape, and the death of his wife and son - reached Denmark as a UNHCR refugee.  While in Denmark he receives news, that his son might be alive and now  also a child soldier and Steven sets out to find him and save him – whatever it takes. The film is also a portrait of contemporary Uganda, Pearl of Africa and darling of the West, a country attempting to make the transition from military dictatorship to democracy.


Release: 2005 (Denmark)

Duration: 89 minutes

Genre: Documentary feature

Spoken language: Danish and English


Director: Mette Zeruneith

Screenplay: Mette Zeruneith

Cinematography: Henrik Bohn Ipsen, David Fox and Stefan V. Jensen

Editors: Pernille Bech Christensen, Mette Zeruneith and Nicolaj Monberg
Sound Design: Mick Raaschou

Composer: Peter Schultz

Producer: Lise Lense-Møller

Production Country: Denmark

Production Company: Magic Hour Films

Produced with support from: The Danish Film Institute, Danida, DR, The MEDIA Programme of the European Union, Nordic Film- & TV Fund, RUV, The Danish Ministry of Education and YLE.


The film received a 2006 Special Mention at the Paris Festival de Programmes Audiovisuels Jury of Young Europeans Prize.


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