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June of 1973 in Santiago de Chile. Leonardo Henrichsen, an Argentine cameraman films his own death. 33 years later, Ernesto Carmona, a Chilean journalist, discovers the identity of the man who shot him. 'Final Image' is a film about one of the most famous images in history. It is a film about a group of journalists filming a continent sinking in violence, and offers an opportunity to see very rare and revealing archival material from the last 40 years. 'Final Image' is a journey across the recent history of Latin America as seen through the life and images of a single man.


Release: 2009 (Denmark)

Duration: 91 minutes

Genre: Documentary feature

Spoken language: Spanish and Swedish


Director: Andrés Habegger

Screenplay: Andrés Habegger

Cinematography: Göran Gester

Editors: Jesper Osmund and Fernando Vega

Sound Design: Luciano Fusetti

Music: Pedro Onetto

Producer: Maximiliano Dubois

Production Countries: Argentina, Chile, Denmark and Sweden

Production Company: Habitación 1520 Producciones

Coproducers: WG Film, Magic Hour Films and Producciones Aplaplac

Produced with support from: CORFO, The Danish Filminstitute, DR, Habitacion 1520 Producciones, FIlm i Skåne, Programa Ibermedia, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA), Sundance Institute Documentary Fund, The Swedish Film Institute, SBS TV Australia and SVT.




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