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Kristoffer is five years old. Kristoffer's best friend lives in the house across the street.

His name is Calle. Calle is 43 years old. He is mentally retarded and drives a wheel chair. Calle and Kristoffer play together. They play with toycars and Kristoffer helps Calle eating his lunch. Sometimes Calle is a little bit slow. It doesn't matter for Kristoffer. As long as there's no slobber on the cars.


Release: 1998 (Denmark)

Duration: 20 minutes

Genre: Documentary
Spoken language: Danish


Director: Klaus Kjeldsen

Screenplay: Klaus Kjeldsen, Wojtek Kloczko

Cinematography: Wojtek Kloczko

Editor: Camilla Skousen
Sound Design: Henrik Langkilde

Music: Pierre Dørge

Producers: Henrik Veileborg and Lise Lense-Møller

Production Country: Denmark

Production Company: Magic Hour Film

Coproducer: The Danish Film Institute and DR

Produced with support from: Forvaltningen af den kollektive tredjedel af Båndkopimidlerne



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