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The programme followed a group of Danish scientists as they tried to develop a vaccine for HIV, and offers an insight into a branch of medical science with modest beginnings in Denmark but which has since spread internationally and now appears to be one of the most promising weapon in the fight against AIDS. We follow the scientists in their ups and downs and provide a personal portrait of the players involved. The crew followed the two scientists from the very beginning in 1991, and was present until the first results of the human tests were known.


Release: 1996 (Denmark)

Duration: 52 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Spoken language: Danish


Director: Alex Frank Larsen
Cinematography: Thomas Hass, Leif Jappe, John Johansen, Robert Massey, Allan Mørch, Lars Schou and Gunnar Westerlind

Editor: Jeff McBride
Sound Design: Keld Ove Hansen and Jon Rytter

Composer: Michael Gyldendal

Producer: Lise Lense-Møller

Production Country: Denmark

Production Company: Magic Hour Films

Coproducers: DR and TV Fakta

Produced with support from: The Nordic TV Collaboration Fund, Assurandør Societetet, Sygekassernes Helsefond, AIDS-Fondet and Director E. Danielsen & Hustrus Fund.


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