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One third of the production price of the average banana is used simply to cover the cost of pesticides. All over the world, banana plantation workers are suffering and dying from the effects of these pesticides. Juan Dominguez, a million-dollar personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, is on his biggest case ever representing 12,000 Nicaraguan banana workers. Dole Food and Dow Chemicals are on trial. And history is about to be made.


Release: 2009 (Denmark)

Duration: 87 minutes

Genre: Documentary feature

Spoken language: English and Spanish


Director: Fredrik Gertten

Screenplay: Sara Bergfors

Cinematography: Joseph Aguirre and Frank Pineda

Editor: Jesper Osmund
Sound Design: Martin Hennel

Composer: Nathan Larson

Producer: Margarete Jangård

Production Countries: Denmark and Sweden

Production Company: WG Film

Coproducer: Magic Hour Films

Produced with support from: ITVS, ZDF/Arte, Sundance Institute, The Swedish Film Institute, The Danish Film Institute, Nordic Film- & TV Fund and SVT.


The film was nominated for the Best Documentary Feature Award at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival.




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